About Masoumi ITL Service

Masoumi International Trade Service offers trade, lobbying and communications services to public and private sector clients across Iran and the world. Our objective is to help our clients, whether natural or legal entities to find their way through the complex network of domestic rules and regulations, legislation and standards that govern global trade; to understand business policy creation and decision making processes across Iran, Middle East and beyond; and to ensure their practices are locally and internationally updated in the areas of Commercial Negotiations, Drafting International Commercial Contracts, Business Legal Consultation, Commercial Arbitration, Intellectual Property, and International Finance solutions for your business.

The international trade practice at Masoumi ITL Group offers a bundle of legal services designed to optimize your ability to engage in the cost-efficient and timely exchange of goods and services across borders domestically and internationally in full compliance with applicable rules and regulations. Our lawyers and advisors assist you with issues before the Trade Organizations; the Departments for Trade Representative; the Domestic and International Trade Bodies; the departments of related to Business, Commerce, Justice and Customs; and other state agencies and offices that deal with trade regulation, ....

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Commercial Negotiations

Finding Proper Partner

Expanding Cooperation

Settling Commercial Disputes


Commercial Contracts

Foreign Investment

Manufacturing & Production

Construction & Reconstruction



Global Expansion

Business Structure

Strategic Planning


Commercial Arbitration

Finding Proper Method

Enforcing Arbitration Clause

Drafting Arbitration Contract


Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Local Patent Registration

International Patent Registration



Financing Consultation

Expanding Cooperation

Access to International Banks

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