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Finding Proper Commercial Partner

Proper commercial partner (s) is an important factor for you to have an international business without any problems or at least having the minimum possible problems.

Choosing a proper commercial partner may be important from tow aspects of:

  • You may want to select your commercial partner
  • You may be selected as a commercial partner

Each of these cases has their own special techniques and skills. We help and advise you to have the best selection in this regards aimed at avoiding the problems.

Expanding Cooperation

When you find you proper commercial partner and when your business is established well, the next step is to expand your cooperation with you present commercial partners and also finding the new partners for having new and more cooperation. At first we examine your activity background and then will give your background activity and then give you the most effective way for expanding your cooperation.

Settling Commercial Disputes

Disputes are fixed and current issues in international trade. They waste your time and money if are not settled at the first days. We can find the solutions at the first days of emergence and even guide you till the steps for arbitration in case of not settling the disputes. But our main strategy is to settle the disputes before arbitration by other ways of Alternative Disputes resolution (ADR).

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