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Domestic Patent Registration

Registering your patent in your country is the initial step for protecting your right out of the patent. This process involves information on the registration rules and regulation in your country and the related conventions and so on. To find the easiest and most economic way for this, is the service we can provide you.

Regional Patent Registration

Registration at the county in which you had the patent will finally direct you to the point that your patent may be duplicated in the other countries close to your country. For the purpose of prevention of this, and also protecting your rights beyond your country, we can register your patent in the region in which more countries are located around your country.

International Patent Registration

Registration at the international level is another service we can provide you for protecting your rights out of the patent. It is aimed at protecting your rights from a patent in an international level. We can register your patent internationally at the easiest way and most economic manner.

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